Networking in Clash of Clans:


If you really want to advance in the game quickly, you’ll need to have a consistent network. People like you that are passionate about the game can gather within clans to discover another aspect of the game. You’ll be in contact with “clashers” better than you that can provide you with advices and give you a little push to perform better in the game.

The multiplayer dimensions has its pluses as it enables you to discover many parts of the game that you probably ignored before. By conceiving the clan’s mode, Clash of Clans has shown that it gives a big interest to the multiplayer competitive dimension. It’s interesting to have the possibility to defy other players coming from all the parts of the world, but what’s more interesting is the possibility for clans to defy each other. It’s definitely a mode worth playing, whether the clans are composed of friends or different players that you may not know, the action is guaranteed.

The latest update of the game is set to improve the competitive mode by focusing on the clan’s features. It’s now possible to add invite a player to your clan or recommend him until the person in charge validates the request. Of course this operation requires consent from both sides which that both the player and the clan recruiter should agree on that.

From a gaming perspective, games that involve team tend to do have more success that games that only focuses on the one character. In this case, we’re not only talking about five ten teammates or less, but about a whole clan with perhaps hundreds of people. It’s about building something consistent that won’t evaporate after one game or two.

Clash of Clans & Events:

The game comes up with a new design whenever there’s an event or a special occasion. We’ve seen themed maps, characters and many customizations that appeared in different occasions. It also comes with a lot of special offers to push players into purchasing gems.

This kind of themed events always add a nice touch to the game, killing the same old design that people we get bored of. It’s always pleasant to see new stuff in-game, adds a fresh touch and push the players to know more about the game.

A Christmas theme is planned for the end of the year, with a special design and a lot of new features that Clashers will undoubtedly enjoy.

Clash of Clans is not only about crushing the competition and winning trophies, it’s also about creating a virtual social environment where you can exchange things with players from all around the world that are also passionate about the game. And that’s perhaps one of the strongest pillar of the success of Clash of Clans.

Content creators in different platforms (Youtube, Pinterest..) are also putting a lot of effort into providing people with content they enjoy about the game. You can find instructive videos if you want to improve your in-game skills and funny ones with people playing the game differently.