Clash of Clans: Strategy and Fun

The graphics may look childish, but the strategy is heavily present in Clash of clans, one of the most played games on mobile devices. Even if the game may look like a random conception of a fictional world to attract young players, in reality more aspects are here to prove its success and popularity.

Strategy games are not typically the most popular one in the gaming industry, they’re for a specific players that enjoy certain aspects of the game. However, all the indicators regarding Clash of clans, which combines between strategy, fiction and fun are green.

The game has succeeded in providing a unique gaming experience that involves players from all age’s categories. Thanks to its magical universe that involves fictional characters inspired from many myths, series and films, the game has established a creative fictional dimension. This will lead to the apparition of a game related culture that involves the popular characters, the world and the game modes. This part plays an important role in the creation of a solid player base that will be fully devoted to the game.

Focusing on the aspects that we discussed previously enabled Clash of clans to gain a massive young players base that love the game not especially because of the gameplay or graphics, but because of Clash of clans world. In addition, many content creators put their personal touch to the game on popular social platforms like Youtube, Twitch…

The concept of the game isn’t new, we have seen many similar games before available on free games platforms. The mobile disposability along with many factors, helped the ascension of fictional wars. Plus, it’s easy to comprehend the basic fundamentals of the game and quickly start winning your first battles.

The online feature is now something crucial to the success of the game. Besides, the fact that it expands the player alternatives and improve competitiveness among them, people will resort to virtual shops make an easy way through the game. Now, it’s not only about skills acquired through hours and hours of games but also about your in-game resources.

So, if you want to build your own empire, defy people from all around the world and have fun at the same time, Clash of Clans Is the best alternative.