The first thing you need to know about us, is that we are Gamers like you. Our passion and love for the gaming industry is what motivated us to get involved in platforms that provide in-game resources for players.

We have worked on many other online platforms that helped or are actually helping people to advance quickly in many games. We acquired a lot of experience from conceiving dedicated platforms, algorithms and resources systems for many games, which enable us to easily move on new games.

The services provided by our team are totally free. We do not charge any cent for the feature that our platform presents, it’s totally out of costs. If anyone tries to lure you into paying, please report it to our team.

The effort we put into building such platforms are motivated by social and cultural purposes. We would like to share the gaming culture among young people by offering an environment where everyone can enjoy a game regardless of his financial means.

If you have any question or proposition, do not hesitate on contacting us, we usually respond within 48 hours.